It’s Me (Eunyeon)


I was rushing to school but not because I’m late.


In fact, it’s still early but I’m just excited to ask my bestfriend about the brilliant idea that pops in my head.


She usually go to school early so I know I could talk to her before our classes starts.


She’s a junior and I’m a senior so we could only meet each other at vacant periods.


That’s sad but at least we’re still able to bond.


I would love to spend all my time with her.


I go to her classroom and found her talking to her friends.


“Jiyeon Eunjung sunbae is here” One of her classmates notice me.


Why her classmates notice immediately but she didn’t?


Jiyeon turn to look at me and sigh.




She stand up and then drag me out of her room.


“Bye Eunjung sunbae!” Her classmates said and wave at me but because Jiyeon was dragging me I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye or at least wave back.


We go to the rooftop where we usually hang out.


“So let me guess. You have this crazy lame idea again” She said.


I pout.


She always call my ideas lame and crazy.


“And let me guess again. When that idea pops in your head you think it was brilliant to the point that it makes you super excited and run to school to meet me” She said while wiping the sweat on my face and fixing my uniform.


Such a sweet bestfriend.


This is the reason why I can’t be mad at her even though she calls my idea lame and crazy.


“Ok so my idea wa-”


“Your idea cost one meal for lunch” She said and smirk at me.


I sigh.


“Fine. You always win.” I said in defeat.


“Wahh!! I love you bestfriend!!” She said and hug me.


A morning hug from her.


Such a nice morning.


“Ok so my idea wa-”


“To confess with your crush” She said and I glare at her.


She’s cute but maybe if she could let me finish talking she’d be more cute.


“What? Your ideas always starts with that and always about that and most of them were crazy and lame.” She said.




“Yeah but can you please let me finish talking?” I said.


“Ok sorry go ahead and tell me this brilliant idea.” She said and hug my waist.


She always became sweet when she knows that I’m about to sulk with her and me? I’m always melting whenever she do that.


“Ok. So I plan to take her into a diner date where I will sing for her and confess afterwards” I said then waited for her reaction but she just stare at me.


“So?” I ask her because she’s not saying anything


“Oh are you done? Is that all?” She ask and I nod.




If she’s not my bestfriend I will make her fly from here.


“The time you mention the romantic thing makes me want to throw up Eunjung. You’re not romantic.” She said.


I was hurt but I’m used to it coz this is not the first time she disapprove my ideas for confession.


“I’m not romantic? You told me before that I wasn’t sweet. I’m not cool. I’m not charming and now I’m not romantic? Am I that boring?” I said to her.


Everytime I will ask her opinions about my idea I always receive remarks that makes me feel like I’m super boring.


“No you’re not boring. I’m still hanging out with you so you’re not boring Eunjung unnie” She said and that makes me frown.


“Yah! Call me not romantic, not cool ,not charming or not sweet. I can accept that but calling me unnie? It’s a No No Park Jiyeon” I said to her with a very serious tone of voice.


“Wae? You’re older than me.” She said.


I didn’t respond but I’m still frowning.


I don’t want to be her unnie.


“Ok fine. You don’t wanna look older so Eunjungie~ don’t sulk please~” She said using her aegyo.


It’s unfair coz I can’t resist her.


“So just tell me how should I do it. I’m running out of ideas” I just said to her.


I feel like I need to change the topic.


“I’m sorry but I never did confess to anyone before so I can’t give you any advice. I have to go back to the classroom now coz I forgot to do my homework. See you at lunch” She said and kiss my cheeks before she run back to her classroom.


Why is she always in a hurry every time I ask her suggestion?


When will she agree to my ideas?


I’m running out of ideas.


I just headed to my classroom.


All my excitement all the way here to school were gone after she disapprove my ideas.


When I reach the classroom I found my seatmate Qri talking to her girlfriend over the phone.


I want a girlfriend too!!!!!!!


I just slump myself to my seat and heaved a deep sigh.


“Bye Minnie. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you” I heard Qri said.


“So what’s up? I just saw you running on the hallway like you won a lottery but now you look like a hopeless person” She said to me.


“Yeah, maybe I’m hopeless…I’m hopeless coz I’ll never be able to confess to my crush before I graduate.” I said not forgetting to sigh.


“Eh? Why not?” She ask.


“Because my bestfriend disapproves my idea of confession once again” I said.


“Why your bestfriend’s approval so important to you? Why don’t you just go to her and tell her how you feel?” She said.


“Jiyeon said that looks effortless. The reason why she told me I’m not sweet.” I said.


“Well, it takes a lot of courage to confess to someone you love. I don’t think it’s effortless” She said.


I sighed.


“But she said it is” I insisted.


“Ok. You believe in so much…Hmm…Why don’t you just ask her opinion? ” She said.


“I tried that many times but she always tell me that she have no idea” I said.


“Hmmm. You and your bestfriend were both a pabo Eunjung” She said.





I go back to the classroom after the conversation with Eunjung.


“So what happen?” Iu ask me.


“The usual” I said.


“Oh…so you did what you always do. Doesn’t that makes her upset?” she ask.


“I don’t know. She never said she was.” I said.


“Heol. You know what Jiyeon. Your opinion matters to her a lot. You see she’s not doing it when you said you don’t like it. Don’t you think it’s a little bit frustrating to her?….I think she really love the girl. By the way who do you think it is?” She said


“I don’t have to ask. It’s Qri for sure…. You know what? Let’s not talk about it.” I said and pay attention to my book.


I often see Eunjung hang out with Qri and Qri is a like a princess.


Lots of students in this school likes her.


When I open the book a picture fell from it.


It was a picture of me and Eunjung when we were just kids.


I smile remembering the memories brought by this picture.


Those happy times that I never wanted to change.


Her ideas were all romantic and whoever is her crush will sure fall for her but I’m afraid that she’ll forget me when she already had a girlfriend.


It’s not true that she’s not sweet or cool or charming.


I actually find her all that but if I agree with her she will ask me to help her in confessing to that girl.


As a bestfriend I can’t say no and I have to see one of the most painful thing that I’m afraid to come.


The day that she will prioritize her girlfriend and forget about her bestfriend.


I afraid of changes coz I’m used to having her around.


I know it sounds selfish but thinking about her giving all her attention to someone else makes it hard for me to breath.


I can’t lose my bestfriend.


The class go on with me thinking about Eunjung and trying to focus on the lecture.


It’s a tough thing coz I just notice myself writing Eunjung’s name on my notebook rather than the lesson on the board.


I’m heading to the canteen now to meet Eunjung.


I saw her waiting for me in a table.


I’m happy to see that she already bought the food


Food could change my mood.




“Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask as I take the seat in front of her.


She looks so problematic.


“I’m going to grow old alone Jiyeon” She said and her eyes went teary.


“Mwo? What are you talking about?” I curiously ask.


“I can’t confess to her. I can’t ask her to be my girlfriend and I can’t  marry her. I’m hopeless. Maybe one of these days I’ll saw her walking with someone else.” She said and cry.


“Yah! Stop crying. People will think I made you cry.” I said coz I actually don’t know what to say to comfort her.


Half of me want her to give up on that girl and half of me is saying to let her be happy.


“I’m hopeless Jiyeon.” She said and I can see real tears in her eyes.


“Well, you’re still young and don’t you think it’s too early to say that you’ll marry her?” I said.


“She’s the right one for me. My heart said that and I won’t love anyone else” She said.




That girl was so lucky whoever she is.


My bestfriend seems to be really in love with her.




She suddenly stand up.


I thought she would leave but she just transfer to sit beside me.


“Feed me” She said.


“Mwo? You’re hopeless but your hands are perfectly fine” I said coz she sit really close to me.


Not that I don’t want to feed her but doesn’t she think that her crush might see us and get the wrong idea?


She look at me and pout.


“I paid for your meal” She said.


“As a payment for listen to your lame crazy idea.” I added


“But you’re my bestfriend and a bestfriend should listen to her bestfriend Dino” She said calling me that name again.


“Tsk.” I said and just feed her.


“Get over with it ok. You’re not growing old alone. I’m here remember?” I said as I feed her and feed myself too.


“So you will marry me?” She ask and it made me stop.


“M-mwo?” I ask in shock.


Is she serious?


Then, she suddenly laugh.


“Yah!” I said and hit her shoulder.


How could she do this to me?!


I frown and started to ignore her.


It feels like my heart literally stops beating with that question.


“Dino~ Feed me~” She said using her cute voice to me.


I still ignore her and continue eating.


“Are you mad? Don’t be mad please~” She said and hug my waist leaning her head on my shoulder.


Still I ignore her.


When she notice that I’m really ignoring her she sit properly and start eating by herself.


Now this is awkward.






Three days passed and we’re still like that.


We still eat together but we’re like strangers who happens to share the same table because there’s no vacant spot anymore.


Sometime I think it was my fault but sometimes I also feel that it’s too shallow for us to fight like this.


Or maybe it was because I refused to help her with her confession.


Any of those could be a reason for this but this is making me feel so stressed.


This is our first major fight.




Right now I’m still here in my room.


It’s pretty unusual for me because at this time I was supposed to be at school already.


“Jiyeon aren’t you going to school?” My Mom ask as she enters my room.


I think everything in my life was affected because of this fight.


I miss her already.


“I will Mom. Just a minute” I lifelessly said.


I feel lazy to go to school today.


“By the way I haven’t heard of Eunjung. She usually will call me and ask about you but now she didn’t. Is she ok?” Mom ask.




“She calls you?” I ask


“Yeah. Most of the time. Asking me if you eat already or something about you but it’s odd that I never heard of her for the past few days” Mom said.


I was surprise to hear that.


Eunjung really do that?


“Maybe she’s busy Mom. She’s graduating” I said to Mom.


I don’t want to let her know that Eunjung and I were fighting or are we really?


I left the house.


I feel really feel lazy to go to school today knowing that Eunjung will just ignore me when we see each other.




Because I’m not in the mood I decided to walk to school.


It’s not that far so it’s alright but if you need to hurry of course it’s not alright.


As for me? I know I would be late but I don’t care.


Maybe I should get used to it.


Not on being late but I should get used to not having Eunjung around.


When Eunjung finally confess to that lucky girl I’ll be her less priority and it’ll feel just like this or maybe more painful than this so I better take this as a drill.


But will it help?


Tears escape my eyes as I imagine my life without her.


I miss her so much.


I’m walking slowly while looking down.


As expected I arrive late at class and my teacher scolded me.


I just told him I don’t feel well so he let me pass this time coz this is the first time it happens to me.


“Girl. Are you not feeling well or you just cried?” IU ask me.


“It could be both. Now pay attention before we both get scolded” I said.


I tried so hard to concentrate on the lesson but it’s not that easy when all that’s running in my head was Eunjung.








All her and I can’t focus on anything else. Fortunately we got no pop quiz or else all my answers could end up being Eunjung too.


Lunch time.


I headed to the canteen as usual to meet her.


I always feel excited during lunch but now I don’t feel excited at all.


I feel nervous.


Maybe, I should talk to her and reconcile.


I’m her bestfriend and I should support her and let her be happy.


We can’t be like this forever and I should spend and treasure all my time with her while I still could.


That’s it.


I made up my mind.


I’ll support her in confessing to that girl.








I guess she doesn’t need my help anymore.


I saw her hugging Qri in our usual spot.


I never thought this is much painful than I imagine it to be.


I turn my back and started to walk away till I unknowingly take myself to the rooftop where we usually hang out.


Damn it!!!


Why does everything must remind me of her?


I sat on the corner and started to cry.


Eunjung doesn’t need me anymore.


It’s too late.


It’s over.





“Hey, quit sighing. If you miss her go on and tell her. Tell her how you really feel.” Qri said to me.


We are here in the canteen sitting on the usual spot were Jiyeon and I eat.


I was waiting for her actually. It’s been three days since we ignore each other and it’s killing me.


I miss her so bad.


“What do you mean by tell her how I feel?” I ask.


“C’mon Eunjung. Don’t play dumb with me. I know this special someone that you’re crazy in love with is your bestfriend” She said.


I was shocked.


“How did you know?” I ask.


“Duh! Her opinions about your confessions matters a lot to you and most of the time you talk about her and I also could see that Jiyeon feels the same” She said.


“M-mwo?” I just said


Jiyeon loves me too?


“No it’s impossible. For her I’m just her bestfriend. Her unnie and that’s why I need to do something to make her see me more than that” I said.


“Oh gosh Eunjung. Can’t you see it? You’re bestfriend is always trying to tuck you out of your ideas of confession. To be honest all of your ideas could work….She just doesn’t want you to confess and what do you think could be the reason for that?” She said.


That makes me think.


“Jiyeon doesn’t want me to confess to her?” I ask still trying to absorb everything.


“She doesn’t know it’s her otherwise there’s no reason for you to confess” She said and rolled her eyes on me.


She’s right.


Jiyeon loves me too.


I stand up and hug Qri because of happiness.


“Thank you so much Ri!” I said.


“Eunjung let go of me. Jiyeon sees us” She said and immediately let go of her.


I look to the entrance and saw Jiyeon leaving.


Is she crying?


“What are you waiting for? Go on and chase her!” Qri said and push me.


I almost lost my balance and fall but luckily I didn’t.




I run outside of the canteen to look for Jiyeon.


I look around but I can’t see her anymore.


Where is she?


How could she disappear so fast?


Even though I have no idea where did she go I still try searching for her around the school.


I tried to look for her in their classroom but she’s not here.


Where could she be?


Think Ham Eunjung…







She could be in there.


I immediately run to the rooftop.


I was right she was there sitting on the floor hugging her knees.


I tried to catch my breath for a moment before I approach her and sit beside her.


I just sit there trying to figure out what to say to her.


My heart is beating so loud right now.


I can hear her sobbing.


My mouth opens but no words coming out.


I’ve gone speechless.


“What are you doing here?” She ask without even looking at me.


“I’m here to…uhm…to talk?” I said.


She lift her head this time and look at me with a frown on her face.




And there she started yelling at me.




If you’re not used to her yelling you’ll start to tremble in fear when you hear it.


“Dino stop roaring please. My ears” I said.


She glared at me.


It hurts to see her cry.


“I saw you at the entrance but you disappear” I said.


“I don’t want to ruin your moment” She said and look away.


“Moment? What moment?” I curiously ask her.


“I saw you hugging Qri” She said.


Oh that…




“So you run here and cry because of that?” I ask.


“No!…I-I just do-n’t feel well” She said and look away again trying to hide her blushing face.


Why I didn’t notice that before?


She loves me too and I’m the happiest person alive now.


“You’re not feeling well?” I ask and make her face me.


I acted like I was checking if she have fever.


“You don’t have fever but your face was so red. Let’s go. I’ll take you to the clinic” I said and stand pulling her up with me.


“No, you don’t have to. I’ll be fine” She said while looking down.


Gosh, she’s so cute.


“Are you sure?” I ask.


She look at me this time and nodded.


She took a step forward and hug me.


“I miss you” She said and I hug her back.


“I miss you too” I said.


This is the longest time that we fight.


Well, actually this never happens to us before.


I tighten the hug coz I really miss her.


“Lunch will be over soon. Let’s go and grab something to eat” I said to her.


I still want to hug her more but we have to eat.


I don’t want her to starve.


We go back to the canteen and as expected there only few students in here right now.


I like this better than the crowded one.


“Stay here. I’ll buy our food” I said.


Unfortunately, there’s only one set of meal available.


“Are you sure there’s nothing left anymore?” I ask the lunch lady.


“Sorry Eunjung. That’s the last one. Why are you so late?” She ask.


“I waited for Jiyeon” I said.


“Oh it’s Jiyeon. Just ask her to share the food with you” She suggested.


“Is that something romantic?” I ask and she giggle.


“Oh you’re trying to impress her.” She said teasing me.


I blushed even though that’s what I’m always trying to do.


“Don’t worry. Tell her that she could have it coz it’s the last one. Then, she’ll ask you to share with her. That sound sweet” She said and I smile.


That sounds like a great idea.


“Ok. Thank you.” I said and headed back to Jiyeon with our food.


“Hey, there’s only one left. I’m not yet hungry so you go ahead and eat that” I said.


“Andwae. You should eat that you pay for it” She said.


“No really. It’s ok” I said.




“Fine, we’ll share” I said and sit beside her.


I was supposed to wait for her to say that but I guess it would take some time before we get into that part.


And so she have no choice but to share the food with me.


I tried to feed her but she refused to.


“Won’t Qri be jealous if she sees us?” She ask.


She really thinks that Qri is the one I’m talking about?


“No she won’t.” I said and insisted to feed her.


This time she didn’t refused and I’m happy.


We finish eating and it’s almost just two minutes before class starts again.


“Hey, I’ll meet you at dismissal. We’re going home together” I said as I walk heading to our classroom.


I passed by our classroom.


“Hey, that’s your classroom” She said.


“I know. Let me send you first” I said and hold her hand and pull her with me knowing that she will refuse again.


“Bye bestfriend” I said and kiss her on the cheek before I run back to our classroom.


This is not the first time I kiss her on the cheek but this is the first time that I feel so tensed after doing that.


So I patiently waited for our class to end.


I was just a bit annoyed with our teacher on the last subject because she just extended our class for 30 mins.


I’m afraid Jiyeon would go home without me.


She hate’s waiting. One of the reasons why we never go together to school.


She likes to go early and I don’t.


She doesn’t like waiting for me so we only meet at school not unless one of us had a sleep over.


Anyway, I immediately keep my things and hurriedly go outside the classroom.


Because I was in a hurry I bump into some chairs and some of my classmates.


“Sorry” I apologize.


“Why you’re so in a hurry? The door won’t close” One of my classmate said.


“She’s just excited to see her girlfriend” Qri start teasing


“Oh so the cute girl waiting outside was Eunjung’s girlfriend? Man I thought I had a chance” One of my guy classmate said.


“Not a single chance bro. She’s mine!” I said and go outside to meet Jiyeon.


I thought she already left.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. Our teacher extended the class” I apologized.


“It’s ok no need to be sorry” She said then, we headed home.


As we walk home I notice her silence.


“Is there something wrong?” I ask and took her hand this time.


She tried to pull it away but I intertwine our fingers to stop her.


Still she didn’t answer my question and remain silent.


“I’m running out of idea now on how to confess” I said.


“I’ll help you” She suddenly speak


“Huh?” I ask.


She sighed and look at me.


“I said I’ll help you to confess. I’m your bestfriend and I should be helping you right?” She said and force a smile but I can see that she’s already in the verge of tears.


If you just know it’s you, will you be happy?


“That’s great then. Let’s go!” I said and started dragging her up to my house.


“I’m home!” I said as Jiyeon and I get into my house.


“Eunjung you didn’t tell me Jiyeon will come” Mom said.


“It was unexpected Mom. By the way could you call Aunt Park and tell her that Jiyeon will be with me till tomorrow night” I said to Mom then drag Jiyeon to my room.


“Hey, why up to tomorrow night? And we never agreed to have a sleepover tonight” She said and cross her arms.


“But you agreed to help me right? Tomorrow is weekend and it’s a perfect timing” I said and give her a back hug.


“I know but why that long? Can’t we just start doing it tomorrow?” She ask.


“We could but I still want you to spend the night in here. You ignored me for three days and I miss my Dino a lot!” I said and hug her tight.


“You better stop being so clingy to me Ham Eunjung. When you have your girlfriend I don’t want to be the reason of your break up” She said.


“You won’t be. Don’t worry. Once she became my girlfriend I’ll make sure she’ll be my forever” I said and I’m sincere about it.


“You love her that much. Qri will be so lucky to have you. She better not hurt you or I’ll break her bones” She said.


I can’t help but to laugh with it.


If she just know that Qri is so obsessed with her girlfriend.


This is so funny.


“What’s funny?” She ask and even if I don’t look at her I know she’s frowning.


“Nothing. I just really miss you!” I said and spin her around.


“HAM EUNJUNG~!!!” She stated to scream.


Now this is more fun.




I’m glad that Aunt Park let Jiyeon be with me till tomorrow night at least I could spend lots of time with her.


“So get your assignments and let me help you” I said to her after I’m done changing to my sleepingclothes.


She was sitting on the bed brushing her hair.


“Tomorrow is weekend. Give me a break with those assignments” She said.


“Well, I’m here to teach you now so you should take the chance” I said and get her bag then take her notes out.


I search on her notes to find her assignment.


But to my surprise I found one of her notes with my name written repeatedly on a whole page.


I look at her.


She was still busy brushing her hair.


I smirk.


Now time to tease her.


I move to sit beside her.


“Park Jiyeon” I said.


“Wae?” She curiously ask.


“Be honest with me…” I said while looking directly into her eyes.


“When was I not honest with you?” She ask.


I know she was tensed and just trying to act calm.


I know her so well.


“I don’t know. Now tell me. Do you like me?” I ask.




She stammers and obviously she’s shocked and nervous.


She likes me.


“You like me. You didn’t tell you have hidden desire on your bestfriend” I said and grin at her.


“Yah! What the hell are you talking about?!” She said and start hitting me.


I laugh.


“Jiyeon is in love with me~ Jiyeon is in love with me~” I tease her while trying to dodge her attack.


This is so fun.


“What makes you think that I will like you?!” She ask.


“Hmm. Let me see… Because I’m charming, sweet and obviously prettier than you” I said and wink at her.


“Eww. You’re not all that! Dream on!” She said and throw the pillow to me.


I just laugh at her.


“Yah! Why you’re hurting me after you took advantage on me?” I ask her and pout.



“Mwo?!… I never took advantage of you!” She said and jump on my back.


“Yah! Dino get off me! A dino is on my back! Get off! Get off! Help!! “I said in between my laughs.


It’s so fun to tease her.


“What’s going on in here?”


We stop when Mom suddenly get into my room.


Jiyeon was still on my back and my room was kind of in mess right now because pillows are everywhere.


We just smile to Mom.


“You two were like this too years ago when you’re just kids and now you’re still like this. Just keep your voice down. Your Dad was already sleeping” Mom said.


“Yes aunty / Yes Mom” We said and Mom leave.


“You really love to take advantage of me dino” I said


“Stop it already Eunjung!” She said and get off my back.


We started to pick up the pillows.


“Yah Dino. Study well and stop thinking of me too much” I said and gave her back the notebook.


I saw her blush when she finally realize what’s written in it.


She just keep it in her back and became quiet this time.


She’s not looking at me too.


“Hey it’s ok. No need to be shy. You know I keep a lot of stolen pictures of you in my phone and in my laptop” I said to remove the awkward feeling in her.


Though I’m already aware of what she feels for me she’s not yet aware of my feelings for her.


“Why do you keep my pictures?” She ask as she lie beside me on the bed.


“Your pictures are worth keeping. You’re part of my past my present and will always be a part of my future. I can’t live now without you so we stick together.” I said.


“You know what? If I didn’t know you had a crush on Qri I will think you’re the one who had a crush on me” She said.


“You’re the one who had a crush on me” I said.


“You’re starting it again Ham.” She said.


“I’m serious. I like you Jiyeon” I said while looking directly into her eyes.


She became silent again.


I bet she’s contemplating if I was telling the truth.


“Stop your games now Ham. I want to sleep” She said and hide her face under the blanket.


She forgets that we share the same blanket so I go under the blanket too to see her.


She was frowning at me.


“But it’s still early. Let’s play” I said.


“What are you? A kid?” She ask raising her eyebrows to me.


“I’m not a kid but playing is not only for kids” I said.


“True but I don’t wanna play with you. You’ll just tease me” She said and I giggled.


“I won’t tease anymore. Please~ Pretty please my Jiyeonnie.” I pleaded using my aegyo.


I know she can’t resist my aegyo.


She giggles and pinch my cheeks.


“Fine what will we do?” She ask and get up.


“Marry me” I said and wink at her.


“Seriously Ham Eunjung?” She said and cross her arms.


I giggle again.


“Hmm. Let’s just sleep” I said and lie down again.


“What?! Are you kidding me really trying to piss me off?!” She said.


I just pull her to in my arms to stop her from complaining.


It works because she keeps stop talking and just hug me instead.


She use my arm as her pillow while hugging me.


I love the feeling of being this close to her.


“Jungie” She said.


“Hmm?” I respond while I’m brushing her hair with my fingers.


She look at me.


“Can we still be like this even if you and Qri were together already?” She ask and there’s this loneliness in her eyes again.


Qri and I will never be together.


I like Qri but only as a friend.


And Hyomin will kill me if I took Qri away from her.


I haven’t met Hyomin yet but she seems to be a very possessive girlfriend of Qri.


“Maybe few things may change but I’ll always be here allowing you to take advantage of me whenever you wanted” I said and she hit my arm.


I just giggled.


“I never took advantage of you” She said.


“Really? And what do you call this?” I ask.


“You’re the one who pull me!” She said


“I’m just kidding. Don’t be mad. Goodnight bestfriend” I said and kiss her forehead.


“Can you sing for me?” She ask.


“See? You’re taking advantage” I said.


“Yah! Just say you don’t want to!” She said and try to release herself from me but I didn’t allow her.


“I was just kidding. You’re ways hot headed Dino” I said and pull her closer the started to sing for her.


After few minutes she fall asleep already.


“I love you Jiyeon. I wish before the day ends tomorrow I’m not just your bestfriend” I said and give her a peck before I turn off the lamp and go to sleep.





I wake up and my heart starts beating rapidly seeing the first sight I saw when I open my eyes.


Our faces were just an inch closer.


I can’t move.


I can’t even pull away because Eunjung is hugging me tight.


I gulp.


What to do?


When I notice that she’s about to wake up too I close my eyes and pretend to be still sleeping.


I heard her giggle.


“You’re not good at pretending Jiyeon” She said.




I was too nervous to pretend.


I open my eyes and pout.


“Goodmorning bestfriend” She said and smile to me.


Why does she look so charming every time she smiles?


“My morning is not good seeing your face this early” I said.


“Tsk. If I know you’re really happy because my face is the first thing that you see” She said and wink at me.


I rolled my eyes on her and just get up.


What is she saying?


“By the way we are going to start planning today” She said.


“Yeah yeah” I boringly said and get to the bathroom to change.




“Just buy the pink one ok? Girl’s love pink.” I said to her.


We are here in the mall and she was choosing stuff toy for Qri and she’s taking too much time to choose.


I honestly want this day to end so fast because it’ll be painful for me to see my bestfriend confessing to the most important girl in her life which is not me.


“She doesn’t like pink” She said to me.


“Mwo? Qri is a princess type. Of course she likes pink” I said.


“Does Princesses likes pink?” She ask.


“I don’t know I’m not a Princess” I irritably said.


It’s hard not to show my irritation on this thing.


Eunjung just sigh and scratch the back of her head.


“Ok. I’ll just get the black one” She said




Does Qri likes black?


Well, anyway I don’t care.


“I’ll just go to the rest room.” I said while she was paying for the black teddy bear.




I like the Black teddy bear it looks cool but because she was giving it to Qri it’s not cool anymore.


I just go to the restroom.


I got startled because of what I just saw right after I get into the restroom.


They were very busy that they didn’t even notice that I get in.




I know the other girl.


My eyes widen.




And she was kissing another girl!!!


Wait …. That’s the top model Park Hyomin!!


I immediately leave the place after what I just saw.


How could she give my bestfriend false hope?


I know that hug yesterday means something because Eunjung seems very happy but what’s with what I saw?




I wonder what does Eunjung sees on that girl.


She doesn’t deserve to be with that girl!!! She should just grow old alone than be with that kind of girl!!


“Hey, I saw this flower too. It’s pretty right?” Eunjung ask


She looks really happy and excited.


Too bad she will only end up heart broken.


“Eunjung are you sure you still want to do this?” I ask.


I was trying to tuck her out of this idea but I don’t want to hurt her either.


If I told her about what I just saw she will be heartbroken that’s why I wanted her to give up on her own.


“Jiyeon I never been this sure in my entire life. There’s no turning back now” She said.


By looking at her right now I know she will never really back out to this.


I never seen her this determined.


Should I tell her about what I saw?


“Let’s go now.” She said.


I should tell her.


“Eunjung I saw Qri. She was with the top model Park Hyomin” I said.


She look at me and I actually can’t read her right now.


I don’t know if she’s mad or what.


“I told you. Nothing and no one is stopping me” She said and take my hand.


“But Eunjun-”


“Jiyeon I’m willing to accept whatever the result in all of this. I just don’t want to have regrets for not trying” She said.


Why do I feel like her eyes is telling me something?


Anyway, seems like she’s really into it.


I guess I’ll just support her till the end.


“Always remember I’m here for you” I said and give her a hug


“I know. You’re always there taking advantage of me” She said and I push her lightly.


“You’re starting that taking advantage thingy again!” I said and frown at her.


“Andwae. C’mon” She said and we go outside the mall.


“Where are we going now?” I ask.


“You’ll know” She said and call a cab.


“You’re not giving me details about your plan” I said while we are inside the cab.


“You’ll know them so don’t worry too much” She said and kiss my cheek.


I got surprised with that because first of all I’m not expecting her to kiss and second of all…




We kiss each other’s cheek to bid goodbye or to say goodnight.


I look at her hoping to find an answer but she was just smiling to me.


“You’ll like our next destination” She said.


“Well, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. It’s not like you’re going to confess to me” I said and she just smile again.


What’s with the smile?


She’s acting weird now actually.


After few minutes we finally reach our destination.


This place is familiar to me.




“Wahhh Eunjung it’s been a while since we’ve been to this place!” I said and sit on the swing.


It is the playground where Eunjung and I first met.


Our parents bought this place to preserve it because they know it’s really important for us.


It’s a private area now so no one else is using this place.


Just me and Eunjung when we have time.


“I told you. You’ll love this place” She said.


“Wait… You plan to make your confession here in our playground?” I ask and she nods.


I kinda feel disappointed.


“I thought this place should be a place for happy memories between you and me and not for anybody else!” I said.


I can’t help but to raise my voice.


I can see it now.


They’re not even together yet and she’s already taken for granted of our friendship.


“Jiyeon it’s not like that. Can you please just trust me?” She ask or should I say she pleads.


I sigh.


Because she badly wanted this and I promise to myself that I will support her till the end of this I just let her use this place even though I felt disappointed about this.


I just sit under the slide and let her set up the place alone.


I think she understand why I’m not helping now.


This is breaking me too much.


“Hey” She came and sit beside me.


I didn’t even look at her.


“I’m not helping you” I said


“I know and it’s ok. Here have your lunch. I don’t want you to starve” She said and handed me a packed meal.


Where did she get that?


I look at her and she was smiling at me.


Why she keeps smiling?


I get the food because I’m already hungry and started eating.


“Feed me too” She suddenly said.


“That’s the only food we have for lunch” she said and pout.


“Feed yourself!” I said and handed the chopstick to her.


“No. I won’t eat if you don’t feed me” She said acting like a kid and cross her arms


I was supposed to be the one who’s sulking and not her!!


Anyway I don’t want her to starve so I just feed her but I didn’t talk to her.


I don’t feel like talking to her because I’m disappointed and annoyed.


After eating she left and go back to whatever she’s doing in there.


I only came out when it’s already getting dark.


I was in awe when I saw the whole place.


It’s really beautiful now with those colorful lights around.


There’s a table on the center and I saw Eunjung standing in there.


“Do you like it?” She ask.


Well, the place looks amazing but after what I saw this morning at the mall and based on what I just read on the news that Hyomin and Qri were officially dating it’s a pity that all my bestfriend’s effort will be wasted.


I sit on the one of the chair and ignore her question.


“So what time Qri will arrive?” I ask.


She just smile at me.


“Now we will wait” She said excitedly and sit on the other chair.


So does this means that she’s not sure if Qri will come?


She’s just hoping that Qri will come.




I wish you fall in love to someone who will love you as much as you do than to her.


Anyway we waited.








And wait.


Still waiting.


It’s already 8pm


I’m hungry and I’m sleepy at the same time but still no Qri.


I look at Eunjung and I could see that she looks troubled.


She’s shaking her legs and biting her lower lip while she’s very busy with her phone.


“Let’s just go home Eunjung. She’s not coming anymore” I said and stand up.


“NO!..No no no. Please sit. Let’s wait a little more. Just a little bit more” She said forcing me to sit.


And so her little bit more reached up to 10pm.




“Eunjung let’s go home now” I said.


I’m hungry but all I want now was to sleep.


I look at her with my half closed eyes and found out that she was frowning.


She looks annoyed.


“C’mon” I said and stand up then start to take a step out of this place.


My bed is calling me now from a distance.




I stop when I heard her say that.


Am I really that sleepy?


I started to hear things.


But I clearly heard her.


I turn around to face her.


“What?” I ask.


She come closer to me and took a deep breath.


“Well, things didn’t go well as I planned coz the people I hired can’t make it but like what I said in the mall this morning. Nothing and no one will ever stop me from confessing to you” She said.




To me?


Did she just say she’s going to confess to me?


“Eunjung…is this a prank? You’re confessing to Qri right?” I ask her coz I’m so confused now.


She shook her head.


“No. I never said I would confess to Qri. I never said I like Qri in the first place. It’s just you who assumed that Jiyeon beside Qri is Hyomin’s girlfriend right from the very start” She said.


I’m speechless.


I don’t know what to say.




“Can’t you see it? Your opinions about my confessions matters to me a lot. I never dare to do it when you say you don’t want it. It’s you Jiyeon. ” She said.


No words still coming out my mouth.


I was still too shock to say anything I guess.


She took my hand and pull me closer to her.


“I love you Jiyeon. Please be my girlfriend” She said.


I was mesmerized by the look in her eyes.


I feel like it was all just a dream.




I wake early as usual to go to school.


I’m still sleepy but my body was used to this set up.


“Goodmorning Jiyeon” IU greeted me.


“Goodmorning” I said and yawn.


“You seemed to be really sleepy. Did you study the whole night?” She ask.


“Not really” I said as take my seat.


“Eunjung sunbae Goodmorning”


One of my classmates greeted her as usual.


I smile but I didn’t look on her way.


“Mwoya? You’re my girlfriend now but still you’re not the first one to notice me when I came here” She complains.


“Girlfriend?” IU ask.


I just wink at her and took Eunjung outside our classroom.


We go to the rooftop and I notice that she was pouting.


“The moment my heart starts beating so fast I know you’re somewhere near” I said.


“But you didn’t greet me” She said still pouting.


I wrap her arms around my waist.


“Baby I was still sleepy and guess who’s fault is that” I said


“Baby you’re the one who doesn’t want to hang up” She said and smile.


I wrap my arms on the back of her neck and rub our noses together


“It’s because I was waiting for you to hang up” I said and give her a peck.


“Fine but it’s both our fault ok?” She said and I giggled.


“I love you” I said and give her another peck.


“See? You’re taking advantage of me again” She said.


I rolled my eyes on her.


She never let go of that taking advantage which I don’t remember ever happened.


“You’re my girlfriend” I said.


“Yup and you’re my girlfriend too” She said.


“So where is this conversation going?” I ask


“I don’t know but I know I love you and it will always be followed with this” She said before she claim my lips and kiss me passionately.


All my fears about losing her were all washed up.


Coz it’s me.


Not her but me.





So how was it?

Please let me know.

Thanks for reading this one shot.



Keep loving Eunyeon.

Keep loving our precious T-ara.

That’s all

Thank you!!


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