Ok….What’s The Title (Eunyeon)



I’m in my work today too bad I can’t be with my baby.

She’s free today but heol I have to work.

My phone vibrates.

Baby I’m going there. Wait for me. I love you
– Baby Jiji

I smiled upon reading her message to me.

Ok baby I’ll be waiting for you. I can’t wait to see you now. Palli!! I love you too

I replied to her.

“Omo uri Eunjungie is smiling again. I bet it’s because of her girlfriend again” One of my officemates teased me.

“Aren’t the two if you getting tired of always being together?” my other officemate said.

I just smile to them.

I love being around with my girlfriend.

“Yeah Eunjungie, your girlfriend is pretty much possessive you know. Always checking on you. I mean doesn’t she trust you? Always jealous with everyone who talks and befriend you” they said again.

But no matter what they say I love the way Jiyeon treats me.

It makes me feel like I will always be the one that she will love.

They might call her possessive but its fine with me as long as she’s being possessive because of me.

The reason for her possessiveness is she love me and she don’t want to lose me.

My officemates then get tired of teasing me so they finally stop and focus on their works.

There’s a lot of work today that I haven’t even noticed that it’s already lunch.

But where is my baby now?

Why is she not here?

She said she’s coming right?

I tried calling her but I think she turn off her phone.

I got worried that something happen to her while she’s on her way.


I can’t leave my work because don’t want me to leave.

I can’t focus on what I’m doing because my baby is still not calling or texting me.

“Eunjung are you ok? You keep looking at your phone” one of my officemates asks me.

“Yeah I’m fine” I just said and tried to focus on my work.

After work I immediately go to my car and drive to Jiyeon’s condo.

It’s already dark outside and I still can’t contact her.

“Baby where are you?” I said to myself.

I felt a little relieved when I saw her parked on the parking area

But I won’t be completely relieved until I saw her and know that she’s fine.

I immediately run to her unit and enter her passcode to unlock the door.

I felt nervous again when I get inside seeing that it is so dark inside and seems like nobody’s home.

I didn’t bother to turn on the lights and go to her room.

But she’s not there.

I tried to call her again.

“Damn baby where are you? Don’t scare me like this” I said to myself again and I’m almost in the verge of tears.


I go outside her room and was about to go out her unit when suddenly.


I stop walking and immediately search for the switch to turn on the lights.

When the light is illuminating the whole place I saw her on the couch hugging her knees and I can hear her sob.

I immediately run to her and hug her.

“Yah! Baby do you know how much I worry to you? Why did you turn off your phone? I thought you will be going to our office” I said while hugging her and she just keeps crying on my shoulder.

I make her face me.

“Baby what happen? Tell me please. Why are you crying?” I worriedly ask her as I held her face on both of my hands.

“Baby you know that I trust you and I love you right?” she manage to ask in the middle of her sobs.

“Of course I do know that. Even if you don’t say it I could feel it” I said to her and kiss her forehead.

“Don’t cry please” I said and wipe her tears with my thumb.

“Baby be honest with me” She said and she’s still crying really hard.

This is the first time I saw her cry like this in years of our relationship.

I’m really worried right now.

I’m dying to know what’s wrong.

“Do I annoy you when I get jealous with everyone who wants to be close to you? Do you not like it when I always want to know what you are doing? Are you tired of having me almost all of the time? Am I really being possessive?” she ask

I admit that I got shock with all of her question.

“Baby what makes you ask me those questions?” I ask her first.

“I heard your officemates teasing you this morning” She said while looking down.

So she really did came

But she didn’t approach me because of what she heard.

I sighed.

“Baby I’m not intentionally making you jealous but I like it when you’re jealous you became extra sweet and I like to see your cute expressions. I also like it when you keep asking me what I’m doing every time because it only proves that you keep thinking of me.” I said and kiss the tip of her nose then both of her cheeks.

“And it’s not true that I’m getting tired of having you around. I like it when I always see you. I love looking directly to your beautiful eyes coz it’s like it’s telling me how much you love me. Those eyes that always look at me with full of love” I said and capture her lips

She kiss me back and sits on my lap then wrap her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to deepen the kiss.

I broke the kiss and we are both gasping for air.

“Most important of all, I like it when you are being possessive coz you are actually possessive in a good way. It makes me feel like I’m the only person you will love. It makes me feel that you want me as much as I want you” I said and kiss her again.

This time it’s much longer and intense.


We need a bed

I lift her to her room without breaking the kiss.

When we get inside her room I push her to lie on bed and smirked at her.

“What?” she ask and gave me a meaningful smile while biting her lower lip.

I find it so sexy.

“You need some punishment for making me worried baby” I said and turn off the lights before I joined her to bed.

We are going to create memories.



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